Friday, September 08, 2006


Ivanhoe Hotel

Although there is no date on this receipt, I am guessing that this is the same Ivanhoe Hotel mentioned in the first entry in Jack's Diary, Thursday August 8th 1918 which "... dawned rather wet and dull much to the disappointment of the occupant of room No646." However, the room number on the receipt is 615, so maybe it was from another visit.

I suppose that keeping the receipt was a way of remembering his most enjoyable leave with the Dyer family in Pinner. Or maybe he was just a 'bower bird' and kept things like this - I do, too.

Hello there,

I am undertaking some research on the Loureiro family and I am interested to see you obtained information on Gwendolyn Vasco and were able to place her in Melbourne in 1927 playing the mandolin on the radio. I was wondering if you could share the source? Thanks!

I found that information on the National Library of Australia newspapers website. I didn't bookmark or tag it (silly me) but I'll dive back in and see if I can find it again. It was on an ABC radio program guide, I think.

I'm going to photograph her grave tomorrow if the weather is kind to me. I'll post the photo.

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