Monday, February 05, 2007


Back from leave, luxury (not!) travel.

The cornet referred to above is a Rudall Carte cornet, serial number 6289, that Jack purchased in early 1918.

{6289} (Cornet in B-flat, Patent Conical Bore).
According to the firm's archives [stock books], "Cornet, B-flat, gold-plated; P.C.B."

That is a good description, but does not do justice to the intricate chasing around the bell, and the mother of pearl caps on the valve keys.

" Dear Geoff,

I checked the Rudall Carte stock books in the Boosey and Company and Boosey & Hawkes archives, now located at the Horniman Museum, south London. The cornet was entered in stock 3 Jan 1917; sold 11 Feb 1918 to Cpl. J. Drew 20735 30th Bty A.F.A. France.

It's nice to have such a complete history.

Arnold Myers

Dr Arnold Myers, Director,
Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments,
Reid Concert Hall Museum of Instruments,
Bristo Square, EDINBURGH EH8 9AG, U.K."

The instrument is still in use and, though a little worn and battered after 89 years of playing, quite playable.

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